These are the questions I would like you to research:

1.What jobs are in danger of robots or computers taking them over?

2.Will humans merge with computers to create super intelligence?

3.Is it true that robots will rise up against humans and take over?

I would like you to find at least 5 articles or sources for each question. I would like you to write 1-2 paragraphs for each question, AND also provide all of the sources you found – that’s what I really need! I want to know the articles, reports, books, websites, etc that have information on these things so that I can make a new lecture and lesson about it. So, your research is very important to me.

Please provide a list of links to good sources that are online, but you can also include sources that are not online, such as a book that I can look for.

I am familiar with Ray Kurzweil’s work, so I don’t need any of his writing. He is already famous for this topic, but there are others working on it too.

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