Please discuss and analyze your own investment management process and develop your own investment policy statement (IPS) with regard to wealth creation and retirement planning. Discuss investment objectives and constraints in the development of your IPS. Comprehensively integrate the topics learned throughout the course.

Please provided a Kaltura Video within the course drop-box, and present a PowerPoint presentation with a minimum of 26 to 30+ slides. The presentation does not have to be in a current APA format, and you may utilize the first person since you are commenting on your analysis of the creation of your own IPS. A presentation of a 10-minute minimum (with a limit of 15 minutes) is required in Kaltura.

“Please” make sure to fully address tables 22.1, 22.2, and 22.3 in the PPT and in the video to show how each of the bullet points apply to your own IMP and IPS for the future. Be sure to address “each” bullet point in all three tables.

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