What I’d like you to do for that paper is examine a Free Trade Area and discuss it. Find out information about it, what it covers, who it covers, and other such details. Examine the sources through the lens of what we’ve been talking about in class–make sure to tie the material you find in your sources with what we’ve discussed in class; why do you think the source is right or wrong (particularly if it’s a ‘popular’ source) or explain why the source is right (more applicable to more ‘academic’ sources).

NAFTA or the EU come to mind as things that have been in the news lately with the US presidential election and Brexit, but you could pick any one you like. I’d expect with those two there would be much more in the popular news about them. I might put the Trans-Pacific Partnership in the discussion, but I think if you start looking for specifics you won’t be able to find much, if anything. Who is participating in the discussions you can find, but specifics about the agreement might be nothing more than rumors.

5 pages or so, with about 3-4 sources. Though if you want/need to go over, you may

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