Please see attached case study and study guide. Please use study guide for help and I also included hints that you might find helpful towards the case.


Electronic company filings on SEC’s Edgar website start from 1996. So, if you select a company that went public (IPO) prior to 1996, you will not find that company’s IPO-related filings data on SEC website because electronic company filings on SEC’s Edgar website start from 1996.

To make it easy for you, choose a company from Nasdaq IPO calendar that recently completed their IPO – you will find the data for these companies. And don’t choose the companies that have not completed their IPO yet (that is, companies you see in future dates on Nasdaq IPO calendar) – you will not get their offer price and other IPO-related data.

Once you select a company, then click on the company name. Then click on Financials & Filings. Then scroll down, you will find the link to the 424B4 Form that is submitted under SEC’s Edgae website – then you do not need to go through SEC website.

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