International Marketing – MKT418

Total length of the project should be 15-20 pages of text (sans references and any appendix material), single-spaced (12-point font). Be sure to include a cover page that includes the name of university, country name, project title and names of all group members. Use subheadings to divide the sections. Use colored A4 pages to divide the sections.

Cover Page

Executive Summary

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Situation Analysis Company and Country Overview Talk about culture, politics, environment of the country you chose.

3. SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)

4. International Marketing Strategy (This would primarily include applying the marketing mix – the 4P’s and in case of services the 7P’s) {Product, Price, Place, Promotion, Process, Physical Evidence and People}

5. Findings

6. Conclusion

7. References

8. Appendix

The situation analysis should include: the geographic location of the country; a brief history; the economic situation, currency and current exchange rate and living conditions; cultural background such as demographics, language(s), major religions, consumer lifestyles, food and dress, business etiquette and important norms and traditions; political system; legal system; involvement in multinational market groups, barriers or encouragements to trade.

Reference Style: Be sure to cite all sources used in compiling information, whether paraphrasing or directly quoting those sources. If you are using direct quotes, include page numbers in the citation. Examples of bibliographic references: In text citation: One Author: (Alrashidi, 2014) Two Authores: (Alrashidi & Grace, 2011) More than two: (Alrashidi et. al., 2014) For Journal Papers: Sitkin, S. B., & Weingart, L. R. (1995). Determinants of risky decision-making behavior: A test of the mediating role of risk perceptions and propensity. Academy of Management Journal, 1573-1592. For Websites: World Trade Organization (2012). Statistics database, International Trade and Tariffs Data. Retrieved July 31, 2012, from… For Books: Carson, D., Gilmore, D., Perry, C., & Gronhaug, K. (2001). Qualitative Marketing Research. Great Britain: Sage

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