Work with your assigned group to complete the following.

Based on your previous work with XYZ Corporation where you both established an Ethics Officer as well as created a Corporate Code of Ethics, your HR Office has now been charged with the responsibility of creating a procedure through which employees will report violations of the Ethics Code.

In your groups you must construct such a procedure, one that meets the following criteria.

  1. The procedure must begin with a paragraph of between 100 and 200 words explaining the reason for the procedure’s creation.
  2. The balance of the procedure must include at least the following elements:

    Definitions of what constitutes a violation.
    Who must report
    To whom the report must be made
    How the report must be submitted (e.g., orally, in writing)
    What information the report must contain

  3. You must conclude with an explanation of between 500 and 750 words discussing how you determined the specifics of the procedure. As part of this discussion you must use at least five concepts and/or findings from at least three of the lesson’s readings. Attach and submit your completed work to this Discussion.

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