200-300 words minimum for both

APA format

Answer all 3 Questions:

  1. The Linux Operating System is becoming more popular every day due to its cost and availability. As in any operating system investigation, there are certain things that the investigator must look for, discuss these files and logs.
  2. How would you conduct an investigation of a Linux system?
  3. Apple Macintosh Operating System is also one of the top operating systems used. It differs from all of the other operating systems in many ways. Discuss how you would investigate an apple system, discuss the tools used and the files, logs and file systems.


For this assignment, create a new message and address the following items in your response.

  1. Identify two specific ways in which security for enterprise computing is different from personal computing.
  2. Describe two techniques to help reduce the insider threat.
  3. Explain the difference between passive and active attacks on a network. Give an example of each

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