Fill in the blanks below with NOTES, questions, and ideas, rather than complete sentences.

TOPIC: Industrial Hygiene Applications

What do I know and what do I hope to learn about Industrial Hygiene Applications? During this course, focus on the study of the industrial environment and its relation to worker’s health and the use of monitoring and measuring health hazards in the workplace. Industrial Hygienist must anticipate, recognize, evaluate, and control health hazards in the workplace. The focus of industrial hygiene is particularly chemical, physical, biological, and ergonomic factors that exist in the workplace and have injurious effects on workers.

Utilizing the KWHL Chart, answer your level of understanding about the each of the questions posed below in the Know column, and what you want to know in the Want column, and finally in the How column indicate where you think you find this information out (hint: it is not a textbook):

  • About identifying the impact of hazards on workers.
  • About interpreting and applying regulations in the business environment.
  • About how to gather, manage, and analyze data.
  • About how to apply professional Industrial Hygiene standards.
  • About preparing IH reports based on investigations of incidents or working environments.

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