Q1: Discuss the difference between criminal immigration offenses and consequences of criminal conduct for immigrants, paying special attention to the concepts of illegal reentry and aggravated felony. How did these laws evolve over time and what historical factor shaped them (hint: talk about war on drugs and war on terror)? What are some key differences in terms of constitutional protections in these two areas of law (e.g., statute of limitations, double-jeopardy)? Provide a discussion of at least one of these differences.

Q2: Discuss the nature of the Secure Communities program. Then, discuss the concept of Sanctuary city. Why does the federal government need cooperation from LEA in immigration enforcement? Discuss at least two arguments against the Secure Communities.

Q3: Discuss the role private prison companies play in detention and incarceration of immigrants. Be sure to highlight the differences between detention and incarceration. Discuss some of the problems the involvement of private prison companies in immigrant detention produced in the past. Suggest reforms that could prevent these problems from happening in the future.

The answer to each question must be at least two pages long, make sure you label what question you are answering

you MUST incorporate the information from the readings attached in the essays

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