I did a survey about gender equality and the response was :

* 85% of the people we asked know that gender inequality is a global issue.

* 70% experienced gender inequality from their families

i wrote the report based on it



Gender equality is the goal number 5 in the sustainable development goals and it refers to the disparity between individuals due to their gender. It is experienced differently all around the world and across different cultures for centuries and continues to exist even today. It is one of the most serious issues in our modern society today. This applies to the equality of roles, rights and opportunities for women and men.

Maintaining gender equality is also necessary for global development. Until now, women are still unable to make an effective contribution and, in reality, do not realize their full potential.


In this research we used a quantitative methodology that was done by an online survey sent to the sample which was sixteen students of Effat university. In the survey we asked the students questions about gender inequality and if the think and know that it is an important issue and if they have experienced it and some other questions related to the gender inequality.And we have got thirteen responses out of sixteen.



Eleven of the students we asked know that gender inequality is a global issue, and two of them does not know. Twelve of them agreed that it is an important issue only one disagreed. And what caught our attention that ten experienced gender inequality from family member and three experienced it from strangers. Seven persons was less likely to get a specific job because of their gender and six did not face problems because of their gender. And the last question was what do they suggest to prevent gender inequality, and all of the answers was encouraging to increase the level of the awareness within the community.Discussion

The traditional Arab family impacts girls’ health in several manners. The financial decision is obligated to the man to dedication. Younger ladies have been assigned out the hardest individual family unit assignments. Marriage and parenthood are distinctly esteemed. However, the pressure to produce children is strong. Ladies can be casualties of “honour violations.” Poor relationship with fathers and a history of maltreatment during youthfulness can set off burdensome manifestations in young ladies. There may be a backward connection among the number of kids a female has and her education, income, and age at marriage. Education and enterprise status are remarkable signs of birth spacinginclination and the power of mothers and daughters. The maximum improved extent of girls with start interims of 3 years are accounted for from the centre East (in Jordan, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia).


Saudi Arabia remains a critical economic and security associate of the UK. Be that as it can, women’s privileges are as yet now not seemed in Saudi Arabia. With continuous issues approximately a scarcity of development on ladies’ rights in Saudi Arabia, the UK authorities are probably going to go below-improved pressure to adopt a more complicated method with its partner. In Saudi Arabia, local translations of Islamic laws and social requirements negatively affect the health and prosperity of ladies. Notwithstanding the dearth of ongoing insights and information concerning gender inequality in Saudi Arabia, this research is an endeavour to investigate this sensitive issue on this nation. Girls’ jobs and rights in Saudi society had been analysed, including schooling, marriage, polygamy, richness, openings for workand distinguishing evidence. In conclusion we see that with changes and implementation of new laws around the round the world people in Saudi Arabia Jeddah are changing and working on gender equality even with salary and how to treat women. Today women are being given equalopportunity and are not just being see as object but as people in the societywho can make changes and bring growth in the land.

Now what is missing is to get an article about experience gender inequality from their family in SAUDI ARABIA 2 articles and talk about it and 1 in usa

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