I’d like you to focus on how TopGolf is a direct response to a SWOT analysis of the game of golf. Your paper doesn’t necessarily need to be in essay form, paragraphs or bullets addressing each point are more than sufficient. Like always, I just want you to show me a few things: that you’ve learned something, that you can think in terms of savvy marketing / business, and you can be a little creative!

Sections of the paper / assignment:

  • Situational Analysis of Golf and TopGolf (SWOT, Porter’s, etc. — Choose 1)
  • Target Market Strategy for these three Groups: 1) Existing Golfers, 2) Families, 3) 25-35 Year Old, Female, Non Golfers on a Night Out
    • Focus the Target Market Strategy on the 4 Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) – More specifically, how might all 4 be the same and different to better target each of these specific markets
    • Answer questions like “what time of day would be best for each target market?”; “how might the promotional materials differ in look, feel, wording?”; “How might pricing be different based on when a group a may come or to entice a visit by each group?”
    • That’s not a exhaustive list of the questions, but I hope you get the idea of what the 4P process looks like.
    • Be creative, be thorough, and be clear and concise — you’ll be fine if you do these things
  • What does TopGolf do to collect consumer data? (Think about how you pay / sign up for your time there).

That should just about cover it. This assignment is not intended to be overly frustrating or stressful… it’s pretty straightforward if you just follow the steps and apply what you’ve learned in class and your knowledge. But please don’t take it too lightly: show me some effort and thought!

I am attaching an article that summarizes are discussion from class. You are of course welcome and encouraged to seek other sources of information to round out your piece.

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