This is what the teacher said about the attached worksheet:

The Review Project for Assessment is posted in Module 5. It is due on December 9, but you have all of the knowledge that you need to complete it right now.

The project involves using several different types of functions all of which we have discussed in this class. You are given a real-life scenario and the objective is for you to identify the function that best models it, set it up and answer the questions. However, if you are having problems with that, don’t let that stop you from completing the assignment. Solve the problems any way that you can just make sure that you explain how you did it in your solution. Sometimes, after you have figured out what the answer is, it is easier to set up the function.

Make sure that you address every question on the project for full credit!

Please follow the teachers directions, along with the directions on the worksheet. Please be able to do!!

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