Look at two works that use the same symbol (or related symbols – “fruit” or even “food”

rather than “apple”) in different ways. Show how each work uses its symbol to advance a

different, and ideally opposite ideological position. In other words, one work might use a

hat (or “clothing”) to aid in an argument celebrating individuality or independence;

another might use it to imply authoritarian control. Explain – in detail, and without

making obvious or simplistic points – why the difference exists: you could do so by

referring to historical context – a hat might have meant something different in the

eighteenth century than it does today; or you could look at how different audiences (men

vs women; upper class vs working class, etc.) will interpret a symbol differently; or you

could talk about how a symbol changes when it appears in different media. Once you

have done that, explain which work uses the symbol in a more compelling way, and why.

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