• Some of the arguments below commit a fallacy of weak induction. If so, say which one. Hasty generalization; Appeal to unqualified authority; False cause; Slippery slope; Weak analogy. If not, write: “no fallacy”

  • No one thinks any the less of a bartender who has a drink or two on the job, to make their work go easier. Airline pilots are working people, just like bartenders. So pilots should be allowed a few drinks while flying to help deal with the stress.
  • After Bill Clinton was elected President, an epidemic of crack use threatened America’s inner cities. The conclusion is clear. If we care about the problems of drugs in America we should not elect any more liberal Presidents.
  • Many famous writers and artists are only recognized after they die. So if you want to be recognized as a writer or artist, I suggest you commit suicide!
  • It’s wrong to cheat on a test, because cheating is a violation of the trust which is essential to a liberal education. Moreover cheaters just end up cheating themselves, since they don’t learn anything from the class. Also it is usually quite obvious when someone is cheating, so the cheater runs the risk of failing the class, and of further disciplinary action.
  • My economics professor said that the US economy will somewhat improve next year. He doesn’t make such predictions lightly, but whenever he has offered his opinions in the past, he has always been right. Moreover, the financial magazine that I respect has also predicted an uptick. And all the current financial indicators are pointing to such an outcome. And we have just been through a recession, and whenever that happens, the economy improves in the following years. So it is likely that the economy will improve next year.
  • Most men over fifty years old who are convicted of a DUI offense (drinking under the influence) are either married or have been married. So if we want to cut down on the incidence of drinking and drinking we should consider discouraging men from getting married.
  • After we got divorced, I discovered that my ex-husband had had an affair while we were still married. Men are just a bunch of cheats!
  • It is not a good idea to put your child in a day care center. Separation from parents causes isolation and alienation. Soon the child becomes incapable of relating to other children, and this inability to relate causes depression. As the child gets older, the depression leads to psychosis. The final result is either suicide or a life wasted in a mental institution.

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