For this essay on Middle Childhood, you will be comparing the popular version of a song to the Kidz Bop version of that same song. The song I selected is “Truth Hurts”. Truth Hurts by Lizzo compares to KIDZ BOP Kids – “Truth Hurts”.

Truth Hurts by Lizzo

KIDZ BOP Kids – “Truth Hurts” —

Format your paper with the following structure:

  1. Description of observation experience
    • Describe what it was like to listen to and take note of these songs
    • For example: How is this different from your normal listening experience? Would you otherwise ever listen to Kidz Bop?
  2. Analysis of observation
    • What did you notice about the types of modifications done to the songs?
      • Be detailed in your analysis and incorporate course concepts as you examine your notes
    • How does the cultural environment shape what kinds of differences there are between the songs? Address this in more depth.
    • Compare what you observed to topics covered by the course so far, both from a child development perspective and as if you were a parent controlling your child’s access to media
  3. General Reflection
    • Provide overall opinion of the facilities/locations of observations/activities (as appropriate).
    • Provide your assessment of the observation/activity process and experience (what you learned, what you wished you would have learned, what you would do differently).
  4. Conclusion – Wrap it all up!
    • What did you learn?
    • What are key takeaways from this observation experience?
    • Is there a need for any sort of action or advocacy?

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