part one: Each student must review the group policy that all of you worked upon and submitted. Then you should each make changes, additions, or deletions to the Group Plan based upon the information discussed in class that Dr. Bishop suggested might want you to incorporate into the group plan. I also provided some suggestions. You final document should indicate what if any changes to the group plan you would make. This is to be done in written form. Once you have completed your suggested revisions, by the end of next Tuesday, December 10, 2019 send me your final revised document. I am not requiring anyone to re-write the entire plan unless that is what you want to do. Rather, I want you to incorporate revisions into the group plan.

Part Two: Next Tuesday in class, each of you will be an oral presentation discussing your suggested revisions. Everyone must present. Five to ten minutes is the length of your presentation. How you choose to present your revisions to the class is your choice.

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