Final Exam

Debate a Contemporary Social Issue in Human Resource Management

· Changing Demographics

· Employee Rights

· Work and Family

· Social Media Technology

***IF You are the Plaintiff defending employee rights, you are proposing a change to the current law or on the side of the employee.

***IF You are the Defendant debating employer rights, you are proposing to keep the law the same or on the side that benefits the employer.

1. Pick one of the four Social Issues listed above to investigate

2. Choose and Cite a current legal issue Pending in the U.S. or State Legislation that is centered around the contemporary issue you chose above:

3. Chose to represent the defendant and defend the Employer (OR)

4. Choose to represent the plaintiff and defend the Employee.

5. Support your argument by referencing three precedent cases (legal cases that have been decided already) that have been won in support of your stance as the Plaintiff or Defendant

6. Provide a reference list to support where your legal referenced cases came from.

· Rubric: Provide 2-3 pages of content supporting your stance, strengths in the law, weaknesses in the law, and how keeping the law the way you proposed in your debate will help create a more sustainable workforce as a leader dealing with Contemporary Social Issues in Human Resource Management.

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