Provide detailed analysis with specific details and concrete examples to support your statements and arguments. you are invited to use relevant quotes from the readings and any additional research.

1) At key and or dramatic moments in Salt of the Earth, and Bread and Roses and Battle of Algiers the women characters decisively take up the movement of the dramatic action toward social change ( the possibilities of expanded freedom). Locate those key scenes in each film and discuss them while attempting to assess important similarities and differences in visual style, dramatic import, plotting, and social/political activity/autonomy in the three films. How do changes in gender relations make the depiction of political change possible in the three films? How do the directors of the films make these changes come alive in their depictions of the women characters?

2) Compare and contrast Dr. Strangelove and Beautiful People, two very different comedies which are despite these considerable differences in approach and aesthetics, both seriously and at times starkly concerned with war, militarism, and technology. Pay particular attention to how each films’ approach to humor affects the narrative.

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