Throughout this class you have completed thirteen (13) self-assessments. In each of these assessments, you have reflected on your personal beliefs and identified goals and developed specific steps to achieve these goals. This final reflection essay is your opportunity to reflect on your personal assessments and present a cohesive plan to promote your own human relations strategy.

Step 1: Choose eight (8) self-assessments that you found the most reflective or the results of your assessment were the most surprising

Step 2: Review your goals and steps that you developed for each of your selected assessments.

Step 3: Describe why you felt these eight assessments were the most important to you.

Step 4: Summarize your goals and your steps to achieve these goals

Step 5: Develop a final goal statement that summarizes what you learned this semester.

Step 6: Upload your written essay directly to this JetNet link. Your submission must follow the below guidelines:

– Title page

– 2 to 3 pages of written text (not including title page)

– Written academically with an introduction, body with goals and arguments, and final conclusion

– Reference page (as req’d)

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