Objective: In a well-organized, thesis-driven essay of 4-5 pages, you will be exploring the idea of autonomous cars.

Imagine that autonomous vehicles are incorporated into our society, and they are capable of the things that they are designed for.

What issues will we face as a society because of their use? Do the rewards outweigh the risks? Use the articles posted to Canvas to help aid your argument.

1250-words minimum. The Works Cited page does not count towards the word count. (Times New Roman 12 point font)

You must incorporate three sources. (Two quotes per article minimum)

Please use the MLA format when you are citing your sources.
A Works Cited page is required. Plagiarism of any kind will result in immediate failure (see syllabus).

Do not use contractions.
Do not use “I,” “me,” or “you.” (or any variation of these first-person personal pronouns).






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