Islam Prompts

  • Write a paper in which you do more research on two of the following topics/figures we discussed in class. Tell me more information about each, put the 2 topics in conversation with each other, formulate a thesis or analytical claim:
    • Ibn Sina (called Avicenna in Europe)
    • Rabi’a al-Adawiyah (Sufi, woman mystic)
    • Rumi (Sufi, male poet & mystic)
    • Israeli-Palestinian conflict
    • Nation of Islam
  • Which modern (post-1700 CE) Islamic political leader, philosopher, artist, or theologian can you argue will have the greatest effect on Islam’s future?
  • Compare one person that is shared by Islam and Judaism. Show points of similarity and difference using the holy texts and the textbook. How might these similarities and differences serve as sources of unity or tension in Muslim-Jewish relations?

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