The play cloud nine is set in two contexts where the first act was done in Africa in 1880 while the second was done in modern London in 1979, 100 years after the first act. The play portrays different social issues that are of importance in our modern society. The social issues addressed are gender, colonialism, and sexuality. In the first act, the characters are aware of the role of the men in the society and how men are to be valued in the eyes of society than women. The production element that is to be utilized to cover the play, and that has to be considered of value,is the sound design (Catron, and Norman, 17). The sound design will present different social issues such as colonialism and sexuality. Therefore, colonialism will be presented well by the use of sounds in the play, and the audience will be able to understand the various sounds and music that are being utilized and how social issues are affecting the society.

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