Assignment: Exploring Your Bias: Going Deeper – Part C

During Week 5, you explored your bias at a deeper level by identifying your current comfort level and creating a plan to move to the next level of comfort. For example, if your bias is Islamaphobia and you determined the next level would be for you to visit a Mosque you were to have visited your local Mosque by this week. For this assignment write a reflection paper in response to what you learned from your experience, including your response to the following questions:

  • What have you learned about yourself and others through this process of “going deeper”?
  • In what ways has this experienced shifted you from the Cycle of Socialization to the Cycle of Liberation?
  • What insights does this provide you with regard to the significance of Anti-Bias Education and your role in becoming a more anti-biased educator, individual, and member of society?
  • What are your continued thoughts with regard to the ways in which bias and discomfort influence children’s identities and continued development?

Approximate length: 2–3 pages.

Title this assignment: Exploring Your Bias: Going Deeper – Parts A & B

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