Answer TWO of these threw questions. At least 2 pages each

1. A central feature of every political theory is an author’s conception of human nature. Compare and contrast the views of human nature of Augustine, Aquinas, and Machiavelli. How does each thinker’s view of human nature influence his conception of the function and role of government? Discuss, with ample reference to course readings.

2. According to Augustine and Aquinas, although all war is evil, some wars are just. What criteria did Augustine suggest to distinguish just from unjust wars? How does St. Thomas expand upon these conditions of justifiable warfare? Finally, compare and contrast the views of Augustine and Aquinas on warfare with Machiavelli’sf discussion of war and military issues in The Prince.

3. According to J.R. Hale, Machiavelli was the first political thinker to discuss politics as a public responsibility which could not afford to operate according to the rules that governed private morality. In the Prince, how does Machiavelli justify a political leader’s deceit, cruelty, and violation of treatise and alliances? Do you find his justifications persuasive? Why or why not? Explain. Finally, in your judgment, does a public official have to be “Machiavellian” to succeed in contemporary politics? Why or why not? Discuss.

Try to cite from books rather than websites!

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