Due date: December 10th, 2019, 11:59 PM EST


1.This is an open book examination.You can use textbook, internet or any other book. However, if you do so, please cite your references in any format at the end of the answer.

2.There are a total of four questions. The grade assigned is mentioned at the end of the question. Make sure you answer all of the questions.


1. What is the work hardening program? Which objectives it should fulfil to improve employee’s capacity to complete a specific task safely?(2.5 Points)

2. What are the main risk factors for falls in retail operations? How they can be prevented. (minimum 300 words – 3 Points)

3. State and explain personal and environmental factors that affect physical work (minimum 300 words- 3 Points)

4.Summarize the important points you learned in this class and how you incorporate them in your daily routine.(minimum 300 words- 1.5 Points)

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