Management Fads – Are Fads Temporary or Permanent

  • The emergence and disappearance of fads appears to be a predictable aspect of modern society.
    • A fad arises when some element of popular culture becomes enthusiastically embraced by a group of people.
    • As with cultural fads, many provocative business ideas go through a life cycle of creating buzz, captivating a group of enthusiastic adherents, and then giving way to the next fad.
    • Beyond the striking similarities between cultural and business fads, there are also important differences.
    • Management by objectives (MBO) is a process wherein managers and employees work together to create goals. These goals guide employees’ behaviors and serve as the benchmarks for assessing their performance.
    • Continuous Improvement is a formal group of employees that meets regularly to brainstorm solutions to organizational problems.

*Improving culture through mission and vision statements is a process by which companies define themselves to their various stakeholders.

*Virtual Teams often alters the structure of an organization with employees organized into virtual teams which allow for interaction and communication throughout the global work environment.

The above examples of fads are just some changes that companies have experiences. As you think about the current trends in organizational structures or work environments for employees, find an article that describes or predicts what may be a future fad. Analyze it in terms of its features, characteristics, and potential impact. You can use the internet to research this topic. Your response can be in your own words. You can also comment on any fad that you observe in your own work experiences.

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