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Description of the Business Scenario/Project Topic

Our project is on Southwest Airlines, one of the largest airlines in the world. We are also using NOAA storm event data sets in order to track weather patterns.

The Problem

Southwest Airlines has dealt with a magnitude of delays and cancellations last year that has cost the company revenue. Given the NOAA data set of storm events and Southwest’s own data sets on delays and cancellations, how can we correlate the two data sets and set up a new way to measure the instances that these delays and cancellations occur, and measure the two in order to help Southwest Airlines make the best decisions for flight scheduling to mitigate downtime at the airports.

Data/Research Questions

For the data we will be using a vast amount of data on Southwest Airlines as well as data on airlines in general. Data will come from the NOAA website and we will also be introducing data from other accredited websites. There are a couple of questions we will be asking but our main objective is to answer how storms can and have caused financial damage to Southwest Airlines.

Project Objectives

The project objectives are seeing how different types of major storms affects (relationships):

  • revenue
  • cost
  • customer experience
  • customer relationships
  • risk management
  • performance
  • Productivity
  • performance
  • quality
  • skills

Discussion of Data the TEAM Will Use

To do this project our team will be looking at and using data from,,and, the data from these websites will be able to link how storms can and have caused financial damages to Southwest Airlines. and are both federal websites that will give us insight on delays and cancellations that occur within Southwest airlines.

Description of the Proposed Data Sources

  1. Name: Airline On-Time Statistics and Delay Causes Collected By: United States Department of Transportation
  1. The United States Department of Transportation has been collecting data since it was founded in 1966.
  2. 2003-2019
  3. How many times a delay or cancelation occurs within Southwest Airlines in the year 2018.
  4. .

Analytic questions

  1. What database enhancements are required to meet reporting requirements?
  2. Who is the audience that will use the results from the analysis? (board members, sales people, customers, employees, etc)
  3. What questions will the audience have about our analysis?
  4. How should the questions be prioritized to derive the most value?
  5. What database enhancements are required to meet reporting requirements?
  6. What techniques can be used to handle missing data?

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