Posting Daily Notes: Reading the assigned readings and screening media at home are essential components of this course. There are two sets of questions: one for readings and one for screenings. These postings will help you to synthesize and organize your thoughts about what you learn.

This is a class about black freedom movement.

This week we learning about

Black Liberation Memory

Media Form: Independent Documentary

Write two daily notes, one for screening and one for another screening.

Watching the screenings

Daily Notes Template for Screenings

Please add your notes and respond to each section below. You do not have to write in complete sentences (unless you want to), but you do have to write in complete thoughts that I can comprehend. Please do not exceed one-page per daily posting for the screenings. If there is more than one screening, use an abbreviation to distinguish which media text (ex. for episode 1 from Eyes on the Prize, ep. 1)

List main ideas, concepts, arguments and any key example (s):

List your observations about the visuals or audio (the style, techniques, tone).:

List your own thoughts about the media text (agreement, alternatives, counter points, confusion, inspiration, etc.) and choose one important scene or visual/audio moment from the media text based on your thoughts. (You can briefly describe it and/or include a timestamp):

Link of 2 screenings;

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