This assignment is intended to improve your understanding of the concepts presented in Chapter 12, in “The Lean Tool Box” and help you understand the application of these concepts to organizations. Effective problem solving is a vital capability within the operational management discipline. Learning an effective process to problem solving quickly and effectively is paramount in the organization success. This method is the final step of the OME model. Your finalized VSM will be placed into a digital format and ready for final presentation.

  1. Review A3 Problem Solving PowerPoint.
  2. Construct an A3 using the template provided from one of the opportunities identified in your VSM from the previous units. You may use fictitious data and assumptions to fill out the later steps within the A3.
  3. Finalize your VSM using the provided icons into a digital map ready for final presentation to a senior leadership group. This would be part of a final PowerPoint presentation which should not exceed 8 slides.

Quizlet reference for Chapter 12 of the Lean Toolbox:…

This needs to be HIGH quality work.

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