You must complete a minimum of 4 out of the following 9 . I will upload the file,. When you complete a task, have the main contact person sign this form or just writing body1 body 2, … ets.

If you don’t know anybody who fits under the following criteria ( or for example, just writing body1, body2 … ets) , try reaching out to a local practitioner. Many email addresses are available on agency websites. You can also ask your sociology faculty if they know anybody with whom you could have a conversation. Make sure you are professional and respectful in all your interactions. If you visit a courthouse or do a ride-along, make sure you are dressed appropriately. These are busy people, and you should respect their time. Be prompt and courteous. Maintain professional formatting in any emails you send, and don’t use “texting” format when contacting individuals. Consider these conversations as possible contacts for the future. You can have these conversations over the phone, if that works better for the person you are interviewing.


– Just fill the blank on the file word that I will upload below.

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