After reviewing the module resources, describe an experience in which you tried to encourage change, implemented a change, or one in which you participated in change where participants were either cooperative or resistant. Discuss how communication influenced the conflict or cooperation that occurred during the change. Evaluate the interpersonal styles of communication used during the change process.

Consider the following questions:

  • Were changes explained through the dialogic style of communication?
    • If so, how was this helpful?
    • If not, explain how this style could have been utilized to create cooperation instead of conflict.
  • What was the final outcome of the change process?



Textbook: Managerial communication: Strategies and applications, Chapter 7

Blog Article: 8 Ways to Communicate Change to Employees
This Limeade Marketing blog article outlines eight ways to deliver effective communications with employees during change.

Article: HR Best Practices During Organizational Change
This article by the American Management Association discusses the process of communicating change to employees through a shared vision, an outline of the change, and a timeline for the change to occur.

Webpage: Sample Memo
This sample memo from the Purdue Online Writing Lab provides students with the standard format of a workplace memo.

PDF: How the Fundamentals Have Evolved and the Best Adapt
This 2013¬–2014 study and report by Towers Watson provides research regarding change management for organizations, the implementation of effective workplace communications, and the power of creating a culture of community and information sharing.

Video: Julian Treasure: 5 Ways to Listen Better (cc) (7:50)
This TED Talk features renowned sound consultant Julian Treasure and explains the ways to increase listening skills and how to respond effectively to others as you listen.

Video: Employee Communication at Starbucks (cc) (4:02)
This video explains the processes utilized at Starbucks to provide genuine and transparent dialogue with employees and to support employees during a transition in leadership.

Video: Steve Jobs Talks About Managing People (cc) (2:26)
This brief video clip features Steve Jobs and explains the Apple environment of employee engagement and communication exchange.

Article: Difference between Monologic and Dialogic Communication
This article summarizes the key attributes of monologic versus dialogic communication.

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