You will be researching your chosen disorder and completing a 2-3 page essay on this disease by addressing questions, 1-8. You will also design a graph to include within your essay using the data provided from one of the article links.

This is the disease chose to construct your graph. Eczema MG217. Accessed at March 12, 2018.

Answer the following questions about your chosen disorder and submit your assignment in essay format.

1. What disorder did you chose from the selection above? Introduce this disorder briefly in your essay

2.What causes the disorder? What are the prevailing theories about the cause if currently unknown

3.How does this disorder impact the entire body? Describe specific body systems/organs affected

4.How is a person’s quality of life affected by this disorder

5. Are males or females more likely to be affected

6. Approximately how many people in the United States are affected by this disorder each year

7.How is this disorder treated

8. Create a graph to include in your essay Summarize one important aspect about your chosen disorder based on data from one of the following articles listed above associated with your chosen disorder. Your data must come from one of the linked articles above associated with your chosen disorder. You can use Excel or the following website for easy graph creation.

Organize this essay assignment using subtitles that summarize the topic from each question above. For example to answer Question 1 use a descriptive subtitles like the following. Introduction to Eczema.

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