This video explores the constant quest for knowledge of infants and toddlers. It depicts six major kinds of discoveries children make in the first three years of life in the following areas:

  1. use of learning schemes
  2. cause and effect
  3. use of tools
  4. object permanence
  5. understanding space
  6. imitation

The video also offers guidelines on how caregivers can support early learning by setting up rich yet uncluttered environments, by avoiding the temptation to teach children specific lessons, by observing children to see which discoveries they are engaged in, by letting activities continue longer before interrupting, and by offering the least amount of help and not taking over. Caregiver responsiveness and understanding of the discovery process will greatly facilitate early learning.


Watch the video below (8 short clips, total viewing time under 30 min.).

In 1-2 pages:

  1. For each of the 6 discoveries of infancy listed above, provide 2 examples described in the video. Each example should include a description of what you observed in the video and should be at least 2-3 sentences long.
  2. How can a care teacher use this knowledge to support and facilitate cognitive development and learning in infants and toddlers?

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