• The answers to each assigned problem must be clearly stated in consecutive order and presented on the Answer Section of your project paper.
  • Microsoft Excel worksheets shall be Appendices to your answer papers.
  • The answers shall include all work, calculations, and/or output used to get to the final answer, presented neatly, clearly identified, and in Exercise (e.g., #68) and Exercise section (e.g., a, b, c, d…) Order.
  • If tables or charts are needed as part of an answer, copy the tables from the Excel worksheet and paste them into your answer sheet in the appropriate section.

Buena School District:

  • Chapter 3 – Exercise 68a and 68b (first two questions only for part b)
  • Chapter 5 – Exercise 82
  • Chapter 9 – Exercise 65a and 65b
  • Chapter 13 – Exercise 64 a and 64b – Use Excel to create the Scatter Diagram and the Regression line and corresponding statistics.

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