Students will turn in a final paper any time before or on the day of the final exam. The final paper will take one NT passages (no less than 10 verses) and put it in conversation with one particular theme. You may choose your theme from one of these topics: the nature of Jesus Christ, the importance of the resurrection, race and ethnicity, the shape and content of justice, or the function of the church in the world. Final papers should (1) interpret the passage based on the literary and historical contexts, (2) argue a thesis based on the interpretation of the selected passages, and (3) make direct mention or connection to an OT passage or NT outside of the selected genre in which you are studying. This thesis should be underlined, indicating for the reader the thesis which is being argued. Each final paper should be 6 full pages, double spaced, Times New Roman or Helvetica, 12pt font. Style should be in either MLA or APA. It is required that your consult at least 3 academic commentaries, sources, or articles for the research and writing of this final paper.

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