This is a multi-step assignment.

1. Get the code (AVL BST balancing (rotation) Java Code – from your Moodle site Week #12)  to run as is and modified the data vales for the nodes to 94, 33, 50, 76, 96, 67, 56, 65, 83, 34 (in this order)

2..  Now modify the code to find a node value and calculate the average number of comparisons required to locate it.  (The find node code has been made available to you within class materials).  You will have to add the count comparisons code.   

Perform at least 5 test runs with 5 different search values with at least one of these not in the data set. 

3. Explain your “average number of comparisons” average number of comparisons results and submit your code and output.

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