You may choose any health related topic that falls within the 6 dimensions of health. Please follow the format listed below for your paper.

  • Introduction / Thesis statement

Please explain the evolution of Health since the early 1900’s , and state what is your paper about, and how is it related to health and wellness?

  • Current research

What is the current research on your topic, statistics, studies, evidence to support your findings, references, articles, or anything to support your thesis statement?

  • Future outlook/concern

In relation to health and wellness, what are the future health concerns for our society based on your research?

  • Conclusion

What can be done to prevent or change current and future concerns, and how will this be done?

  • 5 Pages minimum, on Any Health Related Topic of Choice within the 6 dimensions of health, works cited page and bibliography are NOT INCLUDED as a part of the required 5 to 7 pages.
  • 3 source minimum (any)
  • Bibliography, MLA format

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