*Chart must include all of this*

A.Anatomical analysis (in chart form for the outline*) (40%)

1.Joints-must include:

a) spine (cervical & thoracic/lumbar)

b) pelvic girdle

c) R &L shoulder girdle

d) R & L elbow

e) R & L radioulnar

f) R & L wrist

g) R & L hip

h) R & L knee

i) R & L talocural

j) R & L subtalur

2.Starting and ending positions (events)

3.Joint motion (phases)

4.Segment moved

5.Plane and axis

6.Force producing motion (please refer to iLearn chapter #1)

7.Prime movers

8.Contraction type

*There is an example on how it should look and be formatted* *There is also a doc that will explain on the activity we are focusing on which is shooting a free throw no jumping* *The only thing you have to do is the anatomical analysis*

In the final project guideline is it part C.

The chart provided is half done the parts that needs attention is c-j the joints needs to be split into right and left. For example R & L Hip needs to be Right Hip and Left Hip.

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