Below you will see the assignment… then the list of articles to choose from…. and then the list of associated references (Please include the reference to the article you selected) … Please read the extra tips from the teacher to give you insite on what we learned this mod. Thank you!


News Journal Written Assignment:

News Journals require you to relate current events to the topics covered within POS 2041, American National Government. For your first Journal please choose from one of the articles listed in the Word Document titled “Article List for WA1”, in Module 3. You will also find a document titled “Reference List for WA1” with an alphabetical list of citations, please the appropriate citations from this list in your Written Assignment.

As you review the articles you will find that some are fairly direct while other reveal the complexity of federal issues. Chose the article that you are most comfortable with and then fully address each of the following requirements:

  1. Summary – Summarize in paragraph form the facts and issues presented in the article. Please document the source of your information with a parenthetical reference.
  2. Application – Apply one or more concepts from the Federalism chapter in your textbook to the information in the news article. Specifically define the term and explain how the material in your textbook is illustrated in the article you are examining. This can be accomplished by using examples from the article and terms or concepts found in the textbook.
  3. Analysis – Conclude with an analysis and reflection of the issue that includes reasoning related to concepts within POS 2041 an analysis of the article perspective. Take a look at adjectives or research the source, while it may be to you a reasonable article it may include an inherent bias that either is supportive or critical of the subject of the article. Include your observations. Does the article present the issue in a way that influences as well as informs. Lastly, include your own observations of the issue, the actions of those involved or an anticipated outcome related to your understanding of the concepts covered within the course.

Please specifically identify each section by number and title.

Please read through Step-by-step instructions for Written Assignment success!for tips on how to effectively complete the Written Assignments for this class.

Your essay should be between 300 and 500 words, double-spaced and in APA format, with parenthetical citations and a Reference List. A cover page is not necessary.

View the Written Assignment Rubric to understand how you will will be evaluated.

All essays will be submitted in the assigned drop box, which will include a Turnitin originality report.



State health department issues new vaping warning, reports findings about additive to cannabis-containing products


Congress has the votes to pass USMCA, US Chamber CEO says


The Cherokee Nation wants a representative in Congress, taking the US government up on a promise it made nearly 200 years ago


Hartford Selectboard Votes To Put Immigration Policy On Town Meeting Ballots


Suburban school administrators bracing for legal marijuana’s impacts



Please include the references that are used from the article above –


Civiletti, D. (2019, September 06). State health department issues new vaping warning, reports findings about additive to cannabis-containing products. Retrieved from https://riverheadlocal.com/2019/09/06/state-health…

Fordham, E. (2019, September 03). Congress has the votes to pass USMCA, US Chamber CEO says. Retrieved from https://www.foxbusiness.com/politics/mexico-trade-…

Hirschfeld, P. (2019, September 3). Hartford Selectboard Votes To Put Immigration Policy On Town Meeting Ballots. Retrieved from https://www.vpr.org/post/hartford-selectboard-vote…

Kaur, H. (2019, August 25). The Cherokee Nation is taking the US government up on a promise it made nearly 200 years ago. Retrieved from https://www.cnn.com/2019/08/25/politics/cherokee-n…

Wilson, M. (2019, September 02). Suburban school administrators bracing for legal marijuana’s impacts. Retrieved from https://www.dailyherald.com/news/20190901/suburban…

Helpful notes to complete assignment :

Step-by-step instructions for Written Assignment success!

1. Choose and read one of the articles available. Be sure to choose an article you understand, there are no extra points for choosing a more difficult article.

2. Follow the exact format for the written assignment. Please number each of the sections and only address what is asked for in each section. (This is not a 5 paragraph essay.)

3. Part 1. Summary – Simply summarize the article you read in one paragraph. This should be your own words and provide a clear understanding and overview of the article.

4. Part 2. Review Chapter 3 in your text and find a term or concept that you can identify in the article you chose. This paragraph should explain a concept from the assigned text chapter as it relates to the article. If the article is about something a state is doing look to see if this is an example of “Police Powers” or a “Reserved Powers” under the “10th Amendment”. If the article is about something the United States is doing look to see if this is this action within the “Enumerated Powers” such as powers over “Commerce” or the “Military”. If the article addresses federal funding, what type of grant is involved “Categorical or Block “? When you write your second paragraph/section define the term you have identified and explain how it is illustrated in the article you chose.

5. Part 3. Analysis – Your final section and paragraph asks you to step back from the issue and consider the perspective of the article. This is a little challenging at first but as long as you support your conclusion you should be fine. Ask yourself does the article seem to be leading you to a conclusion? Is it supporting or critical of the activity described in the article. I am hoping by going through this we can all develop more awareness how we are influenced by what we read. There is often a bias, and that in and of itself does not discredit the source, but it can be a problem if we do not recognize it.

6. APA citations. At the bottom of your paper include citations for both the news article and the textbook.
At the end of sections 1 & 2 you should also include a parenthetical citations. (Please see the samples citations I have provided for you in the References Handout).

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