you will submit a one- to two-page document that will provide a profile of your chosen struggling company(MOTOROLA). This milestone will serve as a rough draft and must cover the three critical elements in Part I of Final Project Two. You are expected to provide a minimum of two to three paragraphs for each of the three critical elements, which include: management planning, employee’s perception and organizational culture, and communication

Profile of a Struggling Company- The elements below should be address. THE COMPANY I CHOSE WAS MOTOROLA.

a. Assess how the management planning practices interfere with or prohibit the organization’s ability to optimally function. You could consider using the fundamental principles of management in your explanation.

b. Describe how the employees’ perception and organizational culture have been impacted by management’s performance. You could consider the connections between management and its impact on culture.

c. Explain how communication has played a part in management’s inability to increase employee performance. You could consider the connections to specific communication barriers that exist within the organization.

I will upload sample paper for structure and i will upload the Guidelines and Rubric.

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