This week we examine freedom. To do this, we read about economic freedom, equality of opportunity, and equality of outcome. Like all societies throughout time, social paradoxes elevate frustration levels. You read about two inconsistencies including that while our model of modified capitalism encourages economic self-interest while our model of self-governance encourages that we voluntarily assume the role of being our brother’s keeper (i. e. engaged citizenship). You also learned that Americans are not as interested in equality as they are in the sense of fairness.

Life exists in the tension between the ideal and the pragmatic (the real world). Think of an example in your life, whether at work, home, school, or during your relaxation time, when you, or someone you know, struggled with a conflict between, ‘the way things ought to be,’ and ‘the way things are.’ How do you do it?

Operational Assignment Details:

Each journal entry should be a minimum of 300 words. Your journal entry narrative is subjective and can be written in the first person. Citations are not required, but the inclusion of the assigned reading articles is strongly encouraged.

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